How to spot the best Destination Wedding Planner

Planning a destination wedding can be a very stressful undertaking, and many brides swing to destination wedding planners to enable them to organize what could be the greatest day of their lives. If you are a bride yearning for the most remarkable and stress-free destination wedding, then you need a destination wedding planner. A destination wedding planner helps you to plan all parts of the wedding, from the bigger pieces to the smaller points of interest.

Choosing a destination wedding planner can be a difficult task for most brides-to-be.

The first step is to make inquiries about the wedding planners you have in mind and make 5 destination planner shortlist. A good destination wedding planner must possess certain qualities that will brides in satisfying their obligations. Also, with these qualities, you are certain to spot the best destination planner that can help you to plan your destination wedding.

 Must be organized

Above everything else, a great destination wedding planner must be organized and should have superb time-management and multi-tasking abilities. Destination wedding planner must have the ability to deal with a few different weddings without a moment’s delay, keeping the detail of each separate to avoid confusion. Look for a planner who has the ability to remain physically organized also, monitoring important documents, printed material and contracts for each of the weddings they work on. More often than not, destination wedding planner have a wide timeframe to plan a wedding, yet once in a while that time allotment might be just a few weeks, and a good destination wedding planner must have the ability to work under pressure and on due dates.

Passionate and Knowledgeable

A great destination wedding planner must have the passion for weddings and be knowledgeable in the greater part of their angles, from the engagement gathering to the honeymoon, and everything between. An excellent destination wedding planner must know how to oversee spending plans day in and day out. Many couples want budget weddings, so destination wedding planner should know how to get the best deals in their general vicinity and cost alternate ways that can save the couple cash.The destination wedding planner should be aware about every important vendor in the area to be able to match couples with the vendors that best suit their requirements. A good destination wedding planner should likewise comprehend the faith and different traditions for weddings, for example, Jewish, Muslim, Christian, military.

Trendy and up-to-date

A great destination wedding planner must be in vogue with latest things in wedding industry. A great wedding planner should keep tabs on new destination wedding countries, tourist centers and policies. All these will add more excitement to the destination wedding, no matter the location and the legal requirements of the country.

Friendly and calm

Keeping calm and friendly in the midst of disorder and stress is one of the attributes of a destination wedding planner. Their patience should sparkle all through the whole wedding planning process because after all, you’ve hired them to help you diffuse situations and try to avoid panicking during your wedding.


A good destination wedding planner must have diplomatic skills. She should know how to help solve for these and the countless of different issues that will happen during your wedding. This does not imply that the destination wedding planner will make the final decision; they will only go about as the neutral party to present choices to enable you to make your decision.

Mistakes to avoid when choosing a destination wedding planner

  • A destination wedding planner who does not know the rules and regulations of a destination wedding should be avoided. The destination wedding planner ought to have experience with your specific type of wedding, area or style.
  • Do not hire a destination wedding planner who cannot assume the responsibility of all leg work, for example, searching for a fabulous photographer, a vendor that suits your requirements and budget.
  • A destination wedding planner that does not have excellent interpersonal abilities which would help them while interacting with all parties involved should be completely avoided.